PropertyInfo Corporation brings you TitleSearch®, the industry's leading product for title plant applications. TitleSearch is a comprehensive software for scanning, indexing, and searching title plant information. Whether you maintain your own title plant, rely on a third-party provider, or both, TitleSearch can improve research and examining efficiency. Using our powerful examination tools – SearchManager™, Advanced Search Analysis™, and integration with AIM® for Windows® – you can improve examiner productivity, translating to better customer service and increased profitability.

If you maintain a title plant, your solution is... TitleSearch®

TitleSearch is a comprehensive title plant application that offers security, base edit/validation, verification, field customization, scan/index, and search/examine functionality. AIM Integration, OrderManager™, SearchManager, and Advanced Search Analysis (ASA) are powerful examination tools that improve productivity. TitleSearch can be installed on LAN, WAN or ASP for companies that maintain their own title plant. In addition to software, TitleSearch solutions include installation, training, support/maintenance, conversions and import utilities.

If you rely on multiple sources for title information, your solution is...   

TitleSearch ®PRO

TitleSearchPRO is a web-based application for aggregating title plant data, images, and other title-related information available through the Internet. For companies that may not maintain their own title plant, TitleSearchPRO can "bolt-on" our powerful examination tools – AIM Integration, OrderManager, SearchManager, and Advanced Search Analysis – to thirdparty providers. TitleSearchPRO delivers a consistent interface for customers interested in optimizing workflow and centralizing processes in a multi-county environment.

If you want to generate income from your title plant, your solution is...™ gives you the capability to publish land records on the Internet through its secure, e-commerce capable website. provided access to over 100 county databases and processed over 7 million lookups in 2007 related to searches by document number, owner name, legal description and other criteria. In addition to title order searching, is used by the oil and gas industry, genealogists and other parties interested in land records. can increase revenue, improve customer service and expand your market.



Advanced Examination Tools

The following powerful examination tools are features of TitleSearch, TitleSearchPRO and Professional. Experience improvements in productivity, higher profitability and enhanced customer service with the use of these tools.

  • Integration with AIM for Windows
    A tie to Aim for Windows decreases redundant keystrokes, reduces turn-time and improves efficiency. After launching TitleSearch from the AFW toolbar, the corresponding fields are populated in OrderManager. When the examination process is completed, requirements and exceptions are transferred to AFW's multi-line elements.
  • OrderManager
    Name, legal description, and other information can be pushed to OrderManager from AFW. Search results are saved to the order number for easy retrieval and updating during the examination process. Fallout reports can be generated by order number. When the file is closed, the order can be converted to a starter file in the title plant.
  • SearchManager
    SearchManager is the entry-point into your title plant for compiling search results based on the criteria transferred from AFW to OrderManager. Examiners can launch new queries and run updates to efficiently manage the research process. Pertinent documents and their associated data elements can be selected, sorted, printed and emailed using SearchManager’s toolkit.
  • Advanced Search Analysis (ASA)
    A powerful tool that assists examiners in evaluating the information compiled in SearchManager. User-defined rules help identify potential issues such as unreleased encumbrances and missing conveyances. Examiners create requirements and exceptions that are transferred to AFW's multi-line elements or copied and pasted to their word processor.


Our customers are reporting significant improvements in productivity. These productivity improvements can translate to higher profitability and better customer service.

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