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SureScan® scanning solution makes it easy to go digital. Now more than ever, SureClose users can experience paperless real estate transactions with the SureScan integrated scanning solution.

Enhance Paperless Transactions
SureClose eliminates the hassle of paper-based closing documentation by streamlining the entire list-to-close process. With an integration to SureScan®, users can easily digitize paper documents and automatically file them in SureClose.

SureScan® offers the latest developments in appliance-based technology, combining software and hardware into one integrated, affordable scanning solution.

What is SureScan®?
SureScan® is a desktop scanning solution that can be loaded onto any PC connected to the Internet with a TWAIN-compliant scanner or multi-function copier. SureScan® also has the option for a freestanding or wall-mounted touch-screen kiosk to digitally process images and securely transmit documents to SureClose.

Users can scan and file documents directly into SureClose placeholders or directly to e-mail. Once the documents are scanned and autofiled into SureClose, the need for paper documentation is eliminated.

SureScan® sends compressed, indexed documents with 128-bit encryption directly to SureClose and provides verification that the document has been filed successfully.

The Paperless Advantage
SureScan® gives users a paperless advantage by ensuring that all critical real estate documents are quickly and securely filed in SureClose.

SureScan® is available today with a license accommodating up to four users. It is also available for single users and installs with minimal set-up and training.

SureScan® Features


  • Stores file and document index information locally for quick filing of documents into SureClose placeholders
  • Captures file numbers and placeholders from SureClose
  • Create personal cache of file numbers and placeholders for fast, efficient retrieval
  • Send scanned document directly to an e-mail address
  • Easily look up files in SureClose database using escrow, title, MLS or file number
  • Receive confirmation upon successful scanning
  • Confirms SureClose connection and if it’s unavailable, SureScan continues to upload until the connection is restored
  • Guarantees transmission of documents by storing digitized documents locally in the event of network failure until network connection to SureClose is restored
  • Updates software automatically              

Deployment Options:

  • All-in-one kiosk (optional) or desktop Windows® PC with TWAIN-compliant scanner or multi-functional copier
  • Minimum requirements:
    • 512MB RAM
    • A minimum of 30 MB of available disk space (Additional disk space may be required)
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP Pro w/SP2
    • TWAIN-supported scanner (network or USB)


  • Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA compliant tool
  • Meets all compliance measures with secure transmission of document images
  • Full audit trail – retains scanning history by user, date and file 
  • 128-bit data encryption 

SureScan’s® All-in-One Kiosk 
Scanning kiosk provides the convenience of a touch-screen integrated in a slim chassis.

  • Large, bright 15” LCD display with touch-screen overlay and optional arm
  • Image resolution by image type
  • TWAIN-compliant
  • External USB 2.0 port

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