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We understand you need to have access to all of your transaction files whether they are from yesterday or two years ago. That's why PropertyInfo Corporation, a Stewart company, now offers SureClose Archive – an easy-to-use, cost-efficient archiving solution designed to provide you with immediate access to your digital documents.  

What is SureClose Archive?
SureClose Archive is a Web-based document storage solution designed to store digital documents post-closing. It eliminates the cumbersome task of manually filing, storing and retrieving large volumes of paper files from an off-site location. SureClose Archive is not limited to SureClose transaction management users only. It can be used by any office who desires to digitally convert their paper files and store them online.

By using SureClose Archive, users can index and scan documents into the system using their desktop scanner or multi-function enterprise class copier/scanner. Users can also easily digitize and send documents for long-term archive via SureScan or the SureClose print driver. In addition, SureClose Archive gives users the ability to search their archive for rapid retrieval of document images.

Features and benefits include:

  • Transfer original paper files to a secure, regulatory compliant online environment
  • Gain 24x7 instant, reliable access to online archived files
  • Eliminate paper-based storage
  • Reclaim valuable space in your facilities
  • Reduce document storage costs

SureClose Archive provides you a simple, low-cost storage solution tailored to meet your business needs.

Look to PropertyInfo for tools and services that will set you apart from the competition while solidly contributing to your successes.

With PropertyInfo, you have access to:

  • A national repository of recorded document imagery
  • Order validation, management and workflow improvement tools
  • State of the art hosting services
  • Integrated services

PropertyInfo helps you enhance your customer's experience:

  • Improving your workflow process through integrated products/services
  • Decreasing redundant costs and lowering your turn-around times
  • By offering convenient subscription or transaction pricing models


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