PropertyInfo’s Scanpoint scanning solution makes it easy to go digital. Now more than ever, SureClose users can experience paperless real estate transactions with the ScanPoint integrated scanning solution for Sharp brand multi-function devises.

Enhance Paperless Transactions

SureClose eliminates the hassle of paper-based closing documentation by streamlining the entire list-to-close process. With integration to ScanPoint, users can easily digitize paper documents and automatically file them in SureClose.

What is ScanPoint?

ScanPoint is a scanning solution that integrates into Sharp multifunction devises (MFP).  ScanPoint reduces keystrokes, making it easier for users to scan and file documents directly into SureClose placeholders. Once the documents are scanned and auto-filed into SureClose, the need for paper documentation is eliminated.

Fast, Easy to Use

Scanning and indexing is a very quick and simple process with Scanpoint. Simply enter a File Number or Escrow Number, and Scanpoint will immediately pull down that file’s Placeholders.  It will also pull down the address of the property for verification purposes, allowing the user to double-check to make sure they are scanning into the correct file.

Once all information is entered and the user clicks “Done”, the scanned document is immediately transmitted to the SureClose server, where it will be routed into the user-selected Closing File and Placeholder - all with just a few quick and easy steps at the copier.

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With PropertyInfo, you have access to:

  • A national repository of recorded document imagery
  • Order validation, management and workflow improvement tools
  • State of the art hosting services
  • Integrated services

PropertyInfo helps you enhance your customer's experience:

  • Improving your workflow process through integrated products/services
  • Decreasing redundant costs and lowering your turn-around times
  • By offering convenient subscription or transaction pricing models


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