Hundreds of checks move in and out of your office each month, but it only takes one to make you a victim of theft. Stop fraud and theft before it happens using SafePay, a positive pay program.

SafePay integrates with AIM for Windows and FinancialAccess and communicates with banks regarding issued checks. All checks presented against an account are compared to a list of issued checks. Checks not found on the list are reported immediately. Since this list is updated daily, fraudulent checks are often discovered even before you reconcile your accounts.

Benefits of SafePay

  • Reduce risk of counterfeit or altered checks cashed against your account.
  • All checks presented for payments against your company’s account are compared to a file documenting a list of the checks issued.
  • Checks presented for payment, but not found in the file, are researched and reported.
  • Integrates with AIM for Windows and FinancialAccess
  • Extracts check issues, voided checks and canceled checks from the AIM for Windows database and writes them to a file transmitted directly to the bank.
  • No intermediate company is needed to re-format check data into the bank’s format eliminating per item charge.
  • Check files are automatically formatted exactly the way the bank needs them.
  • SafePay allows file formats to differ for each bank ID.
  • Keeps a user defined number of check files in case a file needs to be transmitted again.
  • Security built into the program allows only certain users to access it.
  • Can be scheduled to run automatically, eliminating user intervention.

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