Pre-Employment Screening 

 When you own or manage a business - or you're the human resources professional helping those who do - you know it's your people who make the difference in your business success.

And when you're looking to hire or keep the best people for your business, you have a lot of questions. Are they the best qualified? What experience do they have? Will they know your computer software or need training? Are they who they say they are, and do they have a criminal record?

In this day and time, it is especially important to verify pertinent background information on employees. You have a duty to protect your customers, the assets of your company - and even your other employees. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you need information that is accurate, objective and up-to-date. You need Stewart Business Information.

Stewart Business Information (SBI) is a pre-employment screening and background investigation service company, providing accurate, real-time reports about potential and current employees. SBI offers criminal history information, driving records, Social Security number verification, credit reports and much more.

SBI provides a range of services, tailored to your company's needs. Cost-effective packages are available - and may include:

  • Criminal history report - county, state and federal searches with the United States, Canada and other countries
  • Driving record - DUI/DWI convictions, speeding tickets, accident history and verification of driver's license
  • Social Security number verification
  • Individual credit report - especially crucial if applicant accesses or distributes company funds
  • Worker compensation record - prior claims, including type and costs
  • Education verification - dates of attendance, degree and graduation
  • Former employer reports
  • Personal reference verification
  • Professional license verification - dates of licensing, status and more for licenses including FAA
  • Drug screening - random pool management, online report delivery
  • VOE/VOI mortgage application

Prior to placing your first order with Stewart Business Information, you must first be set up by a Stewart Business Information customer service representative. If you have not yet been set up, please call 1-800-677-8282 or visit for more information.

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