Make every day financial decisions with confidence using FinancialAccess, PropertyInfo's award winning accounting software. This software was designed exclusively for the title industry to give you up-to-date financial information any time you need it.

FinancialAccess allows for both accrual and cash basis accounting, it integrates with other software programs, and can calculate both multi-underwriter and multi-state amounts.    

Features of FinancialAccess

Financial & Management Reporting

  • Balance Sheet & Income Reports – details the financial position and profitability of your company.
  • Budget Comparison Reports – helps you plan and monitor operations performance against your profit plan.
  • File Profitability Reports – provides information concerning profit and loss generated on a per file basis.
  • Files-In-Progress Reports – details how much work has been completed, for whom and how much it’s worth.

Title & Escrow Transactions

  • Accounts Receivable Aging – details who owes you, how much and for how long.
  • Customer Statements – customizable statements to tell the customer what bills they owe and what they have already paid.

Receipts/Deposits & Invoice Write-offs

  • Receipts Listing – provides receipts entered into the system and ready for deposit.
  • Deposit Slips – tells which receipts have been assigned to a deposit slip and are ready to take to the bank.
  • Deposit Register – describes the deposits with deposit slips that are printed and ready for posting.

Bill Paying

  • Purchase Invoice Aging – details who you owe money to and for how long.
  • Disbursements Listing – reports bills about to be paid.
  • Check Register Listing – shows what checks have been written but not posted.

Fixed Asset Management & Depreciation

  • Tracks assets and allocates depreciation expenses by location.
  • Relates assets to the insurance policies under which they are covered.
  • Produces asset identification labels by location.
  • Reports on assets by location for various property tax authorities.
  • Interfaces to Purchase Invoices in FinancialAccess.
  • Easily records multiple asset acquisition and disposals.

Underwriter Payments

  • Policy Liability Aging Reports – details which files haven’t been remitted, how much is owed and for how long.
  • Policy Liability History – details all relative information on policies and payment information.

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