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Offering a newly integrated combination of technology and services, Stewart is now able to provide AgencySecure® - an innovative product that enables better management of processes to reduce potential claims resulting from poor quality search work and helps prevent theft and mortgage fraud.

AgencySecure® provides online access for all agency technology and services to help efficiently process closings, issue title policies as well as electronically report, pay and store the closed file documents.  In addition to improving the title search process and quality of searches, AgencySecure helps:

  • Reduce title claims
  • Reduce escrow losses
  • Lower costs by making it easy to report and pay for policies
  • Simplify the underwriter audit process
  • Improve your company's image

AgencySecure® is able to provide a host of product features:

  • Property validation at time of order to assure valid escrow file
  • Proactive Patriot Name and fraudulent party searches (special alerts)
  • Duplicate file notification to prevent multiple transactions on one property
  • Flip transaction alert
  • Stewart-managed title search with online ordering, electronic import and electronic documents
  • Pre-closing down date and post-closing mortgage release verification
  • Positive Pay program to monitor issued checks against accounts
  • Daily "three-way" bank reconciliation; identify out of balance files, uncleared checks, unassigned deposits, etc...
  • Suspicious disbursement activity and escrow account monitoring to identify out-of-balance files, un-cleared checks, unassigned deposits, etc..

Contact us today at for more information on how AgencySecure can help avoid fraud and improve your business.

Look to PropertyInfo for tools and services that will set you apart from the competition while solidly contributing to your successes.

With PropertyInfo, you have access to:

  • A national repository of recorded document imagery
  • Order validation, management and workflow improvement tools
  • State of the art hosting services
  • Integrated services

PropertyInfo helps you enhance your customer's experience:

  • Improving your workflow process through integrated products/services
  • Decreasing redundant costs and lowering your turn-around times
  • By offering convenient subscription or transaction pricing models


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