Advanced Title Search (ATS)  


Advanced Title Search (ATS) is a web-based search management application that gathers county records into one central location. This application provides an automated and efficient title search process for title agents, real estate professionals, builders, developers, lenders and consumers.

Advanced Title Search initiates the search process through a validation of the property address. The program then applies ASA rules and utilizes multiple website resources (Tax, Assessment, Recorder, Title Plant, and others) to generate a consolidated Title Search Report that can be uploaded into AIM®.

The Title Search Report includes:
  • Report page with vesting, property address, legal, order/file reference number, etc.
  • Tax information
  • Chain of events
  • Copies of selected documents (deeds, tax records, etc.)
  • Patriot Act
  • Invoicing
Advantages of ATS
  • Improved search and examination efficiency
  • Reduce steps for title search
  • Paperless and accessible 24/7
  • Provide faster order turn times
  • Access to a broader variety of data sources, both public and private
  • Reduce title search costs
  • RESPA compliant search package offering
Optimize production center process flows
  • Integration with AIM and Title Desk
  • Verify legal and order information
  • ASA rules applied to 100% of the orders
  • Standardize work flow; all orders in a single tool
  • Employ best practices and success measures
Reduce costs
  • Reduced key strokes
  • Centralize production sites using single tool
  • Ability to outsource order completion

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