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AIM+ is PropertyInfo Corp’s powerful title and escrow system for order entry, file tracking, document preparation, closing, escrow accounting, and management reporting. It is designed for title and escrow personnel to use in both large and small office settings, and is flexible so that it can be used for both commercial and residential closings.

 Some of the features of AIM+ include:

·         Enhanced Security (Branch, User  and File Levels)

o    AIM+ can be setup to meet the security needs of your company. If users only need access to view files for a branch, if users need restrictions from certain types of documents, (title vs escrow as an example) AIM+ can handle it.  Files may also be put on hold (no receipting or disbursing) or locked down (view only) as needed.

·         Multiple Companies can reside in 1 AIM+ database

·         Flexible File Numbering (include branch and county codes, month, day and year)

o    Need more power from your file numbering system?  With AIM+ file numbers can become intelligent by including branch and county codes as well as month day and year to be part of a sequential file numbering system.  Or you can always manually create the file number desired.

·         Intuitive order entry/editing

o    With a panel style of data grouping and easy to understand interface,  orders can be efficiently added and edited in AIM+.  Information is entered once and flows through the entire system.

·         Visual Document Preparation

o    With AIM+, document preparation is point and click easy.  By using “smart tags”, users quickly choose the data to be included on the document.  And with “boilerplates”, requirements and exceptions and very quickly inserted. The document is visually available on the screen, users know the information input is correct.  Once prepared, documents can be printed, emailed or converted to a pdf file.

·         Visual HUD Preparation

o    As data is entered on the HUD, AIM+ updates the screen and auto calculates the totals.  Also the HUD is flexible in adding additional lines as needed on page 2 and having unlimited sub-lines for calculating those credit card payments.  All HUD data flows to the Disbursment Worksheet for receipting and disbursing of funds.

·         Full Escrow Account Management

o    AIM+ excels at Escrow Accounting with accurate reporting, electronic reconciliation, transaction inquiry and the daily work that is needed. 

·         Electronic Policy Reporting

o    Securely transmit policy register data and receive automated acknowledgement of transmitted data. Eliminates sending policy paper copies. E-mail receipt confirms data has been received. 

AIM+ also features integration with SureClose, PropertyInfo’s transaction management software for the ultimate in file management.


Look to PropertyInfo for tools and services that will set you apart from the competition while solidly contributing to your successes.

With PropertyInfo, you have access to:

  • A national repository of recorded document imagery
  • Order validation, management and workflow improvement tools
  • State of the art hosting services
  • Integrated services

PropertyInfo helps you enhance your customer's experience:

  • Improving your workflow process through integrated products/services
  • Decreasing redundant costs and lowering your turn-around times
  • By offering convenient subscription or transaction pricing models


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