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National Real Estate Database 

With access to more than 1,400 counties/jurisdictions of national real estate property information, PropertyInfo is capable of providing its customers with integrated product solutions that serve their wide range of needs.

By utilizing our powerful Property Profiles search engine, you can “slice and dice” the data to extract as many, or as few properties as meet your needs. Coupled with presentation quality reports and convenient subscription or transactional pricing, you have the flexibility your business needs to produce more.

And now with the enhanced "Paint Your Farm" mapping feature, you no longer have to know a street address (or even a street name) to begin your search. Just paint an area of a map and let PropertyInfo provide you with the information you need to power your marketing campaigns or research activities.

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PropertyInfo can provide for your needs in several areas of interest.

With PropertyInfo, you have access to:

  • A national real estate database
  • MLS Listing Protection
  • Order Entry
  • Workflow Management
  • Customer Support Tools
  • Transaction Management
  • Closing Calendar
  • General Accounting
  • Positive Pay
  • Application Service Providers
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