Check Stock 

Customers receive a 25% discount on their first check order.

PropertyInfo's check stock, compatible with AIM for Windows and FinancialAccess, features ten safety features to prevent fraud and theft.

Check stock security features include:

  • Warning Band (on the front of the check calls attention to security features added to the check).
  • Solvent Dye Reactive Properties (stains will appear and ruin the check should someone try to chemically alter the check). This protects against counterfeiters "washing" the check with chemicals to erase writing.
  • Six Language Brownstain Void (word "VOID" appears in 6 languages on the check in reaction to any bleach or chlorine applied to the check)
  • TonerGrip+ (fuses laser toner to the check paper to prevent print tampering)
  • Microprint Line (there are two microprint lines printed on the back of the check. One thin line is printed below the words, "Do not write," and one in the middle of the check)
  • Security Screen (absence of "Original Document" verbiage on back of check)
  • Void Pantograph (if a check is photocopied, the word "VOID" appears.)
  • Artificial Watermark (this watermark is copy resistant and is only visible at certain angles)
  • Laid Lines (irregularities in pattern of diagonal lines on back of the check makes pattern more difficult to copy)
  • UV Dull Basesheet Check Paper (is reinforced with fluorescent fibers only visible under ultraviolet light)

Checks come in the following colors: Burgundy, Blue and Green.

Customized checks are available with company logos, additional colors and preprinted information. Contact the Supplies Manager for a quote and delivery information.

Delivery Service - All orders ship regular Fed Ex Ground unless you request Express Delivery Service.

To order supplies, complete the order form or contact our Supplies Manager at 1.877.775.3134 or e-mail


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