SureClose Professional Training Center 


Welcome to the SureClose Professional Training Center! We hope you find the information on this page useful as you begin or continue to use SureClose Professional.

Blended Learning

Blended learning sessions include both live, instructor-led webinars and review questions. Some also include practice exercises or additional learning resources such as quick reference cards, or chapters from the SureClose Professional Training Guide. These sessions can be completed individually, or as a combined course. You select the method that works best for you and your schedule. Visit Stewart University to register for your blended learning session today.

Self-Paced Learning

For immediate training or a refresher on a specific topic, refer to the following training resources. Most recorded webinars include a practice exercise you can complete at your own pace. To begin the practice exercise, click Try Me. Others, offer additional documentation. To view the documentation, click Learn More.

Recorded Webinars

Click the recording you want to view; it opens in a new browser. When finished, close the browser.

Managing SureClose Professional

 Webinar Approximate Length Practice/Learn More Suggested Length
Basic Interface 22 mins Try Me 30 mins
Mail Merge Letter Templates 30 mins Learn More 30 mins
SmartPDF Forms 55 mins Learn More 30 mins
Template Management 1 hr 11 mins Try Me 30 mins
Site Administration 1 hr 22 mins Try Me 30 mins
SureClose International for Site Administrators 22 mins n/a n/a

Using SureClose Professional

 Webinar Approximate Length Practice Exercise Suggested Length

SureClose: Overview and Creating a New File


1 hr 25 mins n/a 1 hr 25 mins
Status Page, Tasks Page 36 mins Try Me 30 mins
Documents Page 54 mins Try Me 30 mins
Chopping, Filing, Barcoding 38 mins Try Me 30 mins
Terms Page, Mail Merge & Contacts 39 mins Try Me 30 mins
Inbox, File Reports, Archiving & Exporting 49 mins Try Me 30 mins
Understanding the Differnces between SureClose Professional and SureClose Advantage 1 hr 38 mins n/a


SureClose Advantage Overview 1 hr 23 mins n/a

Quick Reference Cards

Files Tab SmartPDF Forms
Summary Page Landing Page
Documents Page Placeholders for Guests
Tasks Page

SureClose Integrations

Several products integrate with SureClose Professional. For immediate training or a refresher on a specific topic, refer to the following training resources.

Recorded Webinars

Click the recording you want to view; it opens in a new browser window. When you are finished, close the browser.

Title Approximate Length
SoftPro to SureClose Bridge Demonstration 22 mins
SIRVA Files in SureClose 42 mins

Additional Documentation

SureClose Print Driver Installation Guide
SureClose Print Driver Product Information
Lead Based Paint DisclosureLead Based Paint Disclosure.pdf


Stewart affiliate staff will benefit from a basic understanding of how Stewart's core products work together, best practices, and proven production time savers. To learn more about these time-saving benefits, click the links below.

Title Type Length
Adding and Inviting Parties to the Online File Recorded Webinar 22 mins
Adding Electronic Documents - Print Driver Basics Recorded Webinar 30 mins
Adding Paper Documents into SureClose Recorded Webinar 45 mins
AIM for Windows to SureClose Integration Basics Recorded Webinar 30 mins
Posting Communications to SureClose Recorded Webinar 30 mins
SureClose File Management: A Birds-Eye View Recorden Webinar 30 mins
SureClose Notification Basics Recorded Webinar 30 mins

Additional Learning Resources

For any additional information and training opportunities, refer to the following Training Center page.


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