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Welcome to the SureClose Advantage Training Center! We hope you find the information on this page useful as you begin or continue to use SureClose Advantage.

Did You Know?

When you are added as a party to a file, you are given access to that file and are sent a Welcome e-mail with your log in credentials. When you log in for the first time, the file you were added to displays in the Recent Files list. As you are added to additional files, you will need to perform a File Search to refresh the Recent Files list.

Tip: Check back often for additional tips and shortcuts that could save you time and increase your productivity.

Live Webinars   

Visit Stewart University for available live, instructor-led webinars.

Self-Paced Learning


Streamline your operations and reduce cost by taking the paper out of your real estate transactions. Using SureClose Advantage, you can manage your business anytime, anywhere from any Windows based PC with Internet access. To learn more about SureClose Advantage, click the links below.

Title Type Length
Overview Recorded Webinar 1 hr 25 mins
New Features 2.9 Demo 6 mins
Understanding the Differences between
SureClose Professional and SureClose Advantage
Recorded Webinar 1 hr 45 mins


Title Type Length
Unarchiving Files Tutorial 2 mins



Tasks can be added to electronically manage those associated with your transaction files. To learn more about tasks, click the links below.

Title Type Length
Linking Tasks to Placeholders Tutorial 5 mins
Tasks Quick Reference


Easily manage documents associated with your transaction files using the tools available within SureClose Advantage. To learn more about documents, click the links below.

Title Type Length
Annotating PDF Documents Tutorial 3 mins
Documents Quick Reference
Getting Documents into SureClose Advantage Tutorial 12 mins
Splitting PDF Documents Tutorial 3 mins


Adding parties to your transaction files is easy and secure. Using permissions, you determine which party is added, and what they can see and do on the file and in SureClose Advantage. To learn more about parties, click the link below.

Title Type Length
Adding an Individual as a Party to a File Tutorial 5 mins

Activity Log

Quickly look at which tasks and documents on a specified file have been scheduled and completed using the Activity Log. To learn more about the Activity Log, click the link below.

Title Type
Activity Log Quick Reference


You can view, reply to, forward, or transfer email messages sent to your SC Messages Inbox and with SureClose Print Driver installed, you can also upload documents directly to your Inbox. To learn more about transferring messages, click the link below.

Title Type Length
Message Transfer Tutorial 5 mins


Simplify managing contacts added to both your Personal and Corporate Address books using the Contacts tab. To learn more, click the link below.

Title Type
Contacts Quick Reference


To learn more about the reporting tools available in SureClose Advantage, click the link below.

Title Type
SureClose Weekly Summary Report Document


SureClose Print Driver

SureClose Print Driver is a utility program used to upload documents directly to your SC Messages Inbox or to a specified placeholder on a file. To learn more about the installing and using the SureClose Print Driver, click the links below.

Title Type
Installation Guide Document
Product Information Document


AIM+ integrates with SureClose so you can work faster and communicate better. To learn more about Integrations, click the links below.

Title Type Length
Creating SureClose Transaction Files in AIM+ Recorded Webinar 25 mins

Stewart affiliate staff will benefit from a basic understanding of how Stewart's core products work together, best practices, and proven production time savers. To learn more about these time-saving benefits, click the links below.

Title Type Length
Create SureClose Files in AIM+ Recorded Webinar 35 mins
New Transaction Summary Report Recorded Webinar 30 mins
Six Cool Tools Not in SureClose Pro Recorded Webinar 21 mins
Splitting and Annotating PDF Documents Recorded Webinar 27 mins


Learn more about each release by reading the Release Notes, or if available, by watching the New Features demonstration. Read through Release Notes to learn about everything included in the release. Watch the New Features demonstration for an overview of exciting new features added to the release. Click the version you want to view, print or watch.

Release Date Version Number Release Notes New Features
March 18, 2011 2.9.5 Release Notes Coming soon...
December 10, 2010 2.9 Release Notes Demo
September 24, 2010 2.8 Release Notes Recorded Webinar
June 10, 2010 2.7 Release Notes
March 12, 2010 2.6 Release Notes
December 11, 2009 2.5 Release Notes
October 9, 2009 2.4 Release Notes
August 14, 2009 2.3 Release Notes
June 12, 2009 2.2 Release Notes
April 17, 2009 2.1 Release Notes


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