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Customer Care 

Knowledgeable, timely technical service is what support is all about. Our service is not just about supporting an application, or one type of operating system, or one brand of printer. It is about supporting you and your system to facilitate getting your work done. Our staff is trained in how to troubleshoot communication, hardware, network, and software issues.  We not only explain what is happening but can assist with resolution. Customers can contact us at PropertyInfo Customer Care or (877) 800-3132

PropertyInfo Customer Care Center has the following advantages:

Service Hours

  • Normal business hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM CST until 7:00 PM CST
  • After hour support available for work stoppage

Experienced Technicians

  • Average more than 8 years experience in the industry per technician
  • Understanding of urgencies and deadlines
  • Knowledge of alternatives for closing requirements

Support options

  • Phone Support (877) 800-3132
  • Email Support
  •  Emails are reviewed and routed during normal business hours only.  Email should not be used for urgent issues.  If you have emailed an issue in and it becomes more urgent, you should call the Customer Care Center and have your ticket number available. 


    Support optionsPropertyInfo staff consist of three specialized areas for technicians. They are as follows:

    • TCO - Technical Contact Operator:
      • Tier 1 tech, trained to answer general software questions such as account lockouts and password resets and gather pertinent data for escalating calls.
    • FCR - First Call Resolution Technician:
      • Tier 2 tech, with advanced training prepared to assist with system failures and most software and hardware questions.  
    • Sr. Technician:
      • Tier 3 tech, including development programmers, analysts, database engineers and integration staff to assist in solving documented application or configuration issues.

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