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Known AFW 5.5 Issues 

The following are issues that many AFW 5.5 sites have experienced. Your sites may or may not experience these issues, but please be aware that they can occur and how to work around them.

HUD Defaults for Buyer/Seller Charges

The HUD defaults for buyer/seller charges may not work, especially on lines 1109, 1110, 1201, 1202, and 1204.

For example, line 1109 defaults to the Buyer and line 1110 defaults to the Seller - NO MATTER HOW THE DEFAULTS ARE SET IN CLOSING SETUP.

There is no workaround at this time, however, development has made this issue a top priority and we hope to have a fix soon. Users should pay extra careful attention to the figures on their HUDs to ensure their accuracy.

This issue exists for new installs as well as upgrades.

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'GetDisplayPayee' Code Appears on HUD Lines Instead of Payee Name

This issue is most common on the commission lines of the 700 section. See sample below:

However, this has also been reported on other lines of the HUD, as well as the Closing Statements.

The workaround is to open the affected HUD line and click OK. The payee name should then refresh and appear correctly on the HUD line.

Development is also working on a fix for this issue.

Affects new installs as well as upgrades.

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Customers With Business Type "Title Officer"

After an upgrade to AFW 5.5, users may report customers missing. More than likely, these are customers that were designated as Business Type, Title Officer/Examiner in the previous version of AFW as illustrated below.

This business type was changed in AFW 5.5. Therefore, customers with "Title Officer/Examiner" business type are no longer viewable in System Setup | Customer | Parties. However, these customers still appear in Orders where they were selected.

Another symptom of this issue is found when adding a new customer with the new business type of "Title Officer"; the new customer does not appear in the Title Officer drop down list on the Order tab in Order Info.

Development is working on a revision to the upgrade script that will prevent these issues. Until Development is able to fix permanently, we have a script that can be run to correct this issue as sites report it.

This only affects UPGRADES, not new AFW 5.5 installs.

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Buyer/Seller As Customer

There is a new feature in AFW 5.5, where a Buyer or Seller can be designated as a Customer in System Setup.

Then that Buyer/Seller can be selected from the drop down list on the Buyer or Seller tabs in Order Info.

There is a known issue with this new feature where the Buyer/Seller's name can be changed inadvertently in the database. This is caused by selecting an existing buyer/seller record in order entry and then editing the buyer/seller name. The existing record is saved with the new name.

For example, in the Fig. 1 below, I have selected Prestige Builders by typing in the first few characters of the buyer's name and then pressing Tab to accept.

Fig. 1

Notice that all the fields are grayed out so that they cannot be changed, except the Name and the Vesting. The Name field should be grayed out as well, but it is not. However, if I select Prestige Builders from the drop down box using my mouse exclusively, the name is also grayed out as shown below in Fig. 2.

Fig. 2

If I select the buyer's name using the method illustrated in Fig. 1 above, then decide to change the buyer name and just type over Prestige Builders, save that file, then try to select Prestige Builders in a new file, I will find that it has been replaced by Sunset Builders as shown in Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 below.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Development is aware of this issue and has logged it as a defect to be considered for a future change. The workaround is to delete the buyer/seller record and start with a fresh buyer or seller rather than editing the selected one.

This issue affects new installs and upgrades.

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Error 1004 When Receipting MOney on Disbursement Worksheet

In AFW 5.x, there is a new Aim4win.ini setting in the [Preferences] section:

If this setting is turned ON, meaning the value is set to something other than zero, users may receive an Error 1004 when receipting money for LESS than the full amount. For example, in the screen shot below, I attempted to receipt in $30,000 of the $49,000 due and received the error 1004.

Other issues with this INI setting can also occur as illustrated below:

In the above screen shot, I did not have any earnest money on the file. I again tried to receipt in $30,000 of the $50,000 due and the wire posted without error. However, it posted to the lender's receipt and changed the lender's name to that of the buyer.

This is a defect with the new INI setting, Flag303and603Receipts.

The workaround is to turn this setting off in the Aim4win.ini file or remove it completely.

If sites need this setting turned on, the workaround is to split the item BEFORE receipting in the money. So in the examples above, I would need to split the $30,000 from the buyer's receipt THEN receipt in the $30,000 on the split item that is created.

This issue can actually affect AFW 5.01 sites as well as AFW 5.5 sites. It affects new installs and upgrades.

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