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Knowledgeable, timely technical service is what support is all about. Our service is not just about supporting an application, or one type of operating system, or one brand of printer. It is about supporting you and your system to facilitate getting your work done. Our staff is trained in how to troubleshoot communication, hardware, network, and software issues.  We not only explain what is happening but can assist with resolution. Customers can contact us at PropertyInfo Customer Care or (877) 800-3132

PropertyInfo Customer Care Center has the following advantages:

Service Hours

  • Normal business hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM CST until 7:00 PM CST
  • After hour support available for work stoppage by calling (877) 800-3132
  • Holiday Schedule for 2011
    • May 30 - After hour support option only
    • July 4 - After hour support option only
    • September 5 - After hour support option only
    • November 24 - After hour suport option only
    • November 25 - 9 AM - 2 PM CST and after hour support option
    • December 23 - 7 AM - 2 PM CST and after hour support option

Support options

  • Phone Support (877) 800-3132
  • Self Service Center -
  • Email Support
  •  Emails are reviewed and routed during normal business hours only.  Email should not be used for urgent issues.  If you have emailed an issue in and it becomes more urgent, you should call the Customer Care Center and have your ticket number available. 


  • Average more than 8 years experience in the industry per technician
  • Understanding of urgencies and deadlines


PropertyInfo Customer Care has two specialized areas of support.  They are as follows:

  • AIM for Windows, AIM+, SureClose, TitleWorkPlace, StewartWorkPlace and Reveal VoIP Phone service help is provided through one team
  • eTitleSearch, eStar, eClipse, TitleSearch, County Websites, ATS, TitleDesk, and RecordFusion/CountyFusion through a different team.

The teams are familiar with either group of applications, but specialize in the distinct areas mentioned.  When you call, you will be asked select the best application path for the nature of your call.  A technician will answer your call and usually will start assisting you at that point.  If the technician that answers the phone cannot resolve your issue, you will be given a ticket number and the next available technician will assist.  If you do not feel your issue is getting the urgency it needs, please call and ask to have the issue escalated to the team manager or to Michael Steelman.  We value you as a customer and are commited to providing you the best service possible. 

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