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Welcome to the AIM+ Training Center! We hope you find the information on this page useful as you begin or continue to use AIM+.

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Live Webinars

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Self-Paced Learning

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AIM+ accelerates your workflow by improving order entry, document prepraration, closing, escrow accounting, file tracking, and management reporting to enhance the real estate process. To learn more about AIM+, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Overview Recorded Webinar 2 hrs 10 mins
4.3 New Features Demo 22 mins
Toolbars, Keystrokes, and Shortcut Keys Quick Reference






File Tracking

File Tracking makes it easy to open and view files, sort and search for files, and manage tracking locations that match your office workflow. To learn more about File Tracking, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Searching for Files Tutorial 2 mins
Copying Template Files to New Orders Tutorial 3 mins





File Search

With File Search, you can search for files based on specific criteria, view and print the search results, or open a file from the search results. To learn more about File Search, click the link below.

Title Type Duration
Using Wild Card Characters Tutorial 4 mins




Order Entry

You can reduce keystrokes with a single point of data entry. Once you enter the order information, it flows throughout the application. To learn more about Order Entry, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Adding a Party in Order Entry to Party Setup Tutorial 7 mins
Patriot Search Act - All Parties Tutorial 2 mins
Opening Orders Recorded Webinar 39 mins




Policies & Endorsements

No need to send policy paper copies any more! Securely transmit policy register data and receive automated acknowledgement of transmitted data. To learn more about Policies and Endorsements, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Producing Policies Tutorial 8 mins
Transmitting Policies Quick Reference






With Documents visually available on the screen, preparing documents is point-and-click easy. To learn more about Documents, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Auto Numbering in Title Documents Demo 4 mins
Changing Numbering and Numbering Styles in Placeholders Tutorial 4 mins
Document Editor Toolbars and Keyboard Shortcut Keys Quick Reference
Preparing Documents Recorded Webinar 27 mins







With easy-to-navigate HUD and Closing Statement forms, you can enter closing transaction information directly on the form. The default data and integrate premium calculations make your prepraration more efficient. To learn more about Closing, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
AIM+ 2010 HUD Recorded Webinar 1 hr 30 mins
Closing Quick Reference
Closing -  2010 HUD Quick Reference
Curing Tolerance for Transfer Taxes Quick Reference
Entering Title Insurance Premium Splits Tutorial 2 mins
Entering Earnest Money Retained by Real Estate Agent Quick Reference
Inside the 2010 HUD Settlement Statement Demo 19 mins
Inside the 2010 HUD Settlement Statement Quick Reference
Patriot Search Act - HUD Line Tutorial 2 mins











Prepare 1099-S IRS forms, worksheets, and reports and submit information electronically to the IRS. To learn more about 1099-S, click the link below.

Title Type Duration
1099-S Reporting Tutorial 30 mins





With Disbursements, you can organize and manage receipts and disbursements associated with the closing transaction. To learn more about Disbursments, click the link below.

Title Type
Disbursement Functions Quick Reference




Escrow Accounting

Using Escrow Accounting, your accounting processes are more efficient with accurate reporting, electronic reconciliation, and transaction inquiries. To learn more about Escrow Accounting, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Adjusting Checks Tutorial 2 mins
Adjusting Receipts Tutorial 4 mins
Preparing Deposit Slips Tutorial 2 mins







With the AIM+ Management Console tool at your fingertips, you can make quicker management decisions, be more competitive, and better direct your business. To learn more about Reports, click the link below.

Title Type Duration
Management Console Demo 8 mins




Invoicing makes it easy to create invoices associated with an AIM+ order. To learn more about Invoicing, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Preparing and Posting Invoices Tutorial 7 mins
Applying Payments to Invoices Tutorial 9 mins






AIM+ integrates with SureClose so you can work faster and communicate better. To learn more about Integrations, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Creating SureClose Transaction Files in AIM+ 4.2 Recorded Webinar 25 mins
Sending Orders and Documents to SureClose Quick Reference





Escrow Accounting Setup

In Escrow Accounting Setup,  you can set up bank information and bank accounts, associate escrow units with bank accounts, and create check formats. To learn more about Escrow Accounting Setup, click the link below.

Title Type Duration
Setting Up Investment Accounts Quick Reference



Order Setup

In Order Setup, you can provide frequently used information in selection lists and reports. To learn more about Order Setup, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Adding and Deleting Instruction Text Tutorial 2 mins
Adding and Inactivating Business/Person Types Tutorial 2 mins




Party Setup

With Party Setup, you can create parties with which your office transacts business on a regular basis. To learn more about Party Setup, click the links below.

Title Type Duration
Adding a Builder to Party Setup Tutorial 5 mins
Adding a Lender to Party Setup Tutorial 5 mins
Reassigning Party Contacts Tutorial 2 mins





Release Notes

Learn more about each release by reading the Release Notes, or if available, by watching the New Features demonstration. Read through Release Notes to learn about everything included in the release. Watch the New Features demonstration for an overview of exciting new features added to the release. Click the version you want to view, print or watch.

Release Date Version Number Release Notes New Features
February 19, 2011 4.3 Release Notes Demo
December 3, 2010 4.2.5 Release Notes Demo
September 18, 2010 4.2 Release Notes Demo
July 17, 2010 4.1.1 Release Notes
June 19, 2010 4.1 Release Notes Demo
April 24, 2010 4.0.1 Release Notes
March 20, 2010 4.0 Release Notes
February 6, 2010 3.8.5 Release Notes

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